How long have you been blogging?
Since Sept.21, 2008. I started a blog called Trains-and-Sewing Machines which was a lyric I liked from the song "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap. Then, March 19 of 2011 I moved here and started anew.  

Where did you get your blog design?
I am using a blogger template, and I also took this blog design class by Red Velvet Art to learn how to code certain things to be able to tweak things on my own!

How did you make your home photo studio?
Read my DIY photo studio on a budget post here

What are your favorite blogs?
There are so many!  Here are a few I frequent:

A Beautiful Mess - Cotton & Curls - Flashes of Style - Flattery
Holly Dolly - Made by Andi - Cats & DogsFeathers & Freckles
Creature Comforts - Bronwyn - Cheap Thrills - Sincerely Kinsey
POSTER - Skunk Boy Creatures - Steffy's Pros and Cons - ban.do

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